About IBank

Who we are. What we believe. How we work.

Why choose Us.

Fee-free Banking, Payments & Overseas Remittances for Unbanked Consumers and Small Business

You hear a lot of talk - particularly in our industry - about "financial inclusion" and helping the "under-served".   But when you look around, despite all the technology out there, not much is being done to support those ideals.

This journey started way back when our founding team got together with an idea to develop a technology that would allow people to send money to other countries at little or no cost.  The more we researched what are often referred to as "remittances" the more we were surprised to discover the vast number of working people who lacked access to basic banking services.  We also learned that many of those same people also did not have access to the Internet - which has become the preferred way to deliver most financial services.

Unbanked Small Businesses and businesses that cannot afford or choose not to accept electronic payments are at a great disadvantage to their competitors.  An IBank Business Account is the solution to those problems.

Our Mission.

To advance the economic well-being of unbanked working people by helping them save money that can be invested in their future.

Break new ground in an industry that has seen little in the way of true innovation for over a century.
Bring the financially disenfranchised into the mainstream economy.
Establish IBank as a formidable force in the global financial services marketplace.

What we Do.

What we’re doing is important.

Providing solutions for the growing problems of the financially disenfranchised is a worthwhile endeavor.  Our responsibility to our investors is equally important and we believe the two go hand in hand - ours is an opportunity to do well by doing good.


Who We Are

The men and women of our Management Team have over a century of combined experience in top-level positions with direct, hands-on experience in all aspects of Exchange Operations, Banking, Foreign Currency Exchange and Financial Services related technologies.   Our support staff are the best-in-class with extensive backgrounds in Computer Science, Risk Management, Compliance and Financial Services Regulations.   Don't let the jackets and ties fool you; we are a dedicated, hard-working "roll up your sleeves" team that is willing to stick it out and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Working At IBank

At IBank, we love what we do, so it hardly seems like "work".   We are a “Play To Win” team; and every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn, grow - to excite and delight our customers.  A Team that plays together, works together - and we do some of our best work away from the office.  As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for passionate, talented and creative people to join us.   We have openings in our offices in New York, Dublin, Seoul and Bangalore.
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